Luxury Condominiums, Jacó Beach, Costa Rica

Montecarlo Condos de Lujo, Playa Jacó, Costa Rica

Luxury Condominiums, Jacó Beach, Costa Rica

Montecarlo Condos de Lujo, Playa Jacó, Costa Rica

Luxury Condominiums, Jacó Beach, Costa Rica

Montecarlo Luxury Condos, Jaco Beach Costa Rica

Check in Online

    Condominium Rental Contract

    This contract is made and entered into by and between Jaco Beach Onsite Management Services LTDA. And

    Full Name (Renter):

    Passport Number:






    1. Damage Deposit: Before check in, the renter will leave a credit card opened voucher, fully returnable upon successful inspection of the unit. Please be aware that after check out, we might contact you for any incident detected after that.

    2. Check in procedure: Check in time is 3pm. Renter will accompany a Monte Carlo staff member on an inspection of the rental unit upon check-in, and any existing damage will be recorded in writing and signed off by both parties. A Monte Carlo staff member will inspect the condominium within 24 hours after the guest has checked out.

    3. Registration of guests: The maximum number of guests per unit is four. The names and passport numbers of all guests must be registered with the Monte Carlo Guard Office. Any additional guests or visitors must be registered with the office or Security Guard. There will be a charge of $12.00 per visitor. If you bring an unregistered guest and find items missing, we assume no responsibility for your loss (es).

    Certain types of guests tend to be opportunists. Be careful who you invite into your rented space and onto the property. Lock your valuables in the safe before entertaining those who are new to you.

    This is a familiar Condominium. All visitors need to conduct themselves in a proper manner according to the moral. Certain guests have restriction on their visit hours. Ask the management.

    4. Pet Policy: No pets are permitted.

    5. Smoking policy: Smoking is only permitted on the terraces. There will be a charge of $ 300. – For SMOKING in the Condos.

    6. Expected behavior: Renter recognizes that the rental unit is located in a private, family-oriented community and agrees to abide by the condominiums rules. Loud music and loud noise is not allowed. Please be advised there is video surveillance cameras throughout the common areas monitored 24 hours a day.

    7. Pool hours are from 09:00am through 09:00pm. Any kind of glass is not permitted by the pool.

    8. Check out procedure: Renter agrees to vacate the unit by 11:00am. The CC Voucher will be returned to renter if the unit is found to be in the same condition as recorded during the check in inspection. The cost of any damage by Renter to the rental unit or common areas will be charge on the voucher. Renter agrees to pay a re-keying cost of $ 50 if any keys are not returned at check out

    9. There is a charge for phone calls. Please ask the office for more information.

    Thank you in advance for helping us preserves the environment we have worked so hard to create.

    The Management and Monte Carlo Staff shall not be liable for loss, injury or damage to the person or goods.

    By this means, I offer the cards as a guarantee during my stay in case of an incident.


    Expiration date:

    Agree The guest has read and understood and accepts the rules of the place.