Covid-19 security protocol


Receive a cordial greeting from all the staff of Condominios Monte Carlo.

We hope you are feeling very well and we hope to have you very soon enjoying our facilities.

Preparing ourselves to fight Covid-19 and avoid the spread of contagions, we have created a security protocol to protect your health and ours and can offer a safe hosting option.

Our protocol begins from the moment we processed your booking and after you leaves. Here are each detailed step:

  • Management of vacation rentals in the apartments

-Staff and guest contact is by email, WhatsApp or telephone number only if possible.

  • In order to avoid direct contact with the office (closed space), you need to pay a minimum of 50% of the cost of the reservation to confirm the reservation and pay the balance before arrival.

– You must complete the rental contract (Check in form) sent to your mail available also online. Please send it in the same way (e-mail) or WhatsApp 7270-0674

– The office staff will always be available for any eventuality through WhatsApp (011-506) 8820-3001 or by phone (011-506)2643-2917.

  • Cleaning of the condominium:

– Before the guests enter the condos are rigorously disinfected by our cleaning staff.

– The staff uses a mask and gloves. Always follow a strict hygiene protocol.

If you need to carry out any type of disinfection, consult the office or cleaning staff as certain products are not suitable or adequate to be applied without damaging the furniture of each Condominium. If any damage is detected due to the application of unauthorized products, the repair or improvements that must be made, will be at the cost of the guest responsible for it. We emphasize that the unit was correctly and properly disinfected before your arrival.

  • Check-in / Entry:
  • – When you arrive at the facilities, you will be greeted by the security guard, who will keep a distance of 2 meters and will use protective equipment (Gloves and Mask).
  • – He will tell you where to place the vehicle to keep distance from other vehicles.
  • – We installed a temporary lavatory in the parking area so that you can wash your hands before entering. Please do it when you arrive.
  • – After that, the guard will provide the envelope with the keys to the condominium and will take you to the Unit.
  • Common areas
  • – Follow the protocols given by the Ministry of Health regarding coughs, sneezes and greetings.
  • – Always keep a minimum distance of 2 meters between other people.
  • – The cleaning and disinfection process will be carried out in the pool chairs as necessary according to the occupation.
  • – During the stay in the pool area, please stay in your “social bubble” (Family or friends) that you belong. The above, as a preventive measure and respect for other guests. Please maintain proper behavior and respect for others who also want to enjoy the pool.
  • – Grill area: it has to be reserved with the guard. No outside people cannot be invite them. 
  • – Our staff will be in charge of disinfecting the grill area when a family finishes its use and before the next family enters.
  • Our staff will take care of disinfecting the grill area when one family ends its use and before the next family enters.
  • Housekeeping
  • – No housekeeping is provide. In order to avoid contact with our staff.
  • – If the guest requires any of our extra amenities (garbage bags, toilet paper), please ask the management.
  • Check-out
  • – Once the guest has vacated the condominium, the cleaning staff first enters to check that everything is fine and then proceeds to perform the deep cleaning. With all the relevant measures.
  • – The guest hands over the keys to the security guard. In addition, when the cleaning staff indicates that all is ok, the guard will notify you.

Our wish is that you can enjoy knowing that you are staying in a place that follows all hygiene regulations. We assure you the same quality of service at discount prices and under a rigorous safety and hygiene protocol as has always characterized us.

Please wear a mask when talking to local staff or others.

We thank you in advance for choosing us and being your vacation destination for your family or friends in Playa Jaco

The management

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