Luxury Condominiums, Jacó Beach, Costa Rica

Montecarlo Condos de Lujo, Playa Jacó, Costa Rica

Luxury Condominiums, Jacó Beach, Costa Rica

Montecarlo Condos de Lujo, Playa Jacó, Costa Rica

Luxury Condominiums, Jacó Beach, Costa Rica

Montecarlo Luxury Condos, Jaco Beach Costa Rica

Why Jacó beach?

MonteCarlo Experience

Jaco Beach. The place to stay!!!

Today, Jaco beach Costa Rica is still the destination for all types of visitors. Local and foreigners alike enjoy all the facilities,attractions and conveniences of this diverse area, as well as its proximity to the capital. Jaco is a great base for all sorts of tours: canopy/zipline tours, white water rafting, diving, fishing, and much more. Monte Carlo offers full concierge assistance and will help book tours.


Jaco presents many options for dining out as well. There are countlessnational and international restaurants, such us Lemon Zest, Wahoos, Jaco Taco, Taco bar, El Bohio, El Hicaco, Grafitti, Wishbone, The Wok, Rioasis and so much more. Jacó also has some international options such as Pizza Hut, Subway, KFC, and Quiznos. Most restaurants offer express/delivery services.Another eating option : the famous “sodas” (typical diners) “Sodas” offer a plate of food with a drink for less than $6.


MealsCosta Ricans love their famous “casados” which is a plate of rice, beans, picadillo, fried banana, salad and a piece of meat (all together). Most of Costa Rican families, workers, etc, go for it for lunch as a big source of energy to finish a long day of work.Costa Rican Food – Typical and Traditional Dishes

Stay by the beach in a luxury apartment & learn Spanish as well

IPAI is a Spanish school in Costa Rica, they offer Costa Rican host families for weekly immersion programs that include surfing classes. They have over 20 years of experience. Study and travel in Costa Rica in IPAI’s two campuses, Heredia and Jaco beach. Small groups, 3-4 students per class (maximum), two-hour/four-hour day intensive lessons from Mon. to Fri, individual attention, certificate, registration fee and books included & placement examination.

Do you like Golf?

(10 minutes driving from Monte Carlo)La Iguana at Los Sueños offers an extraordinary encounter with nature at every hole. The majestic natural beauty that surrounds the course is rivaled only by the excitement and challenge of play. It is not uncommon to see playful monkeys, three-toed sloths, brilliant-colored toucans and scarlet macaws along the fairways. In fact, La Iguana’s forecaddies have been specially trained to point out over 150 species of wildlife to players and they make their way through the unique rainforest course. Designed by Ted Roninson Jr., this 18-hole, par-72 course combines incredible scenary with challenging golf.

Yoga and Exercise

Jaco is home to Aurora Yoga & Wellness Center, located just behind The Wok at #8 La Casona. Aurora offers yoga and pilates classes.More information here: is a gym 5 minutes away from us. Located steps away from the beach. You can exercise for $6 a day, $16 per week and $28 per month.

Does this look like fun? Check out our accomodations.



Casado, or Comida Tipica, is the most common dish in Costa Rica. It consists of beans, rice with finely diced red bell peppers and onions, fried plantains, a cabbage salad with tomato and carrot, and a choice of meat between chicken, fish, pork, or steak with grilled onions. The meat that comes with a casado is grilled or sautéed, but never fried. Sometimes the casado includes french fries or extra vegetables such as avocados.

Where to eat it: Everywhere! Casado can be found at any time of day or night in every restaurant and soda (Costa Rican diner) in any part of the country. If you are invited over to a Tico’s house for lunch or dinner, you can expect casado to be served. Yum!

Olla de Carne (Meat pot)

Ceviche is a popular boca (tapas or appetizer) consisting of fresh raw fish marinated in citrus juices such as lime with finely diced herbs and veggies. In Costa Rica, the best ceviche is made with local tilapia orcorvina (white sea bass) and cilantro, garlic, hot pepper, onion, and celery.

Where to eat it: Ceviche can be found in most restaurants and some sodas. If you are passing through Orotina on the way to the Pacific Coast, stop by the fresh fruit stands and try some green mango ceviche (the mango replaces the fish in this dish) – it’s scrumptious!